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Return to Dust Announce Debut Album & Release Soul-Stirring New Single & Video for “Strangers”.

The boundary-pushing grunge quartet, Return to Dust, have announced their long-awaited debut self-titled album, available on May 3rd via Jim Kaufman Productions. Accompanying the announcement, the band have also released their latest single, “Strangers” to give fans a glimpse at the upcoming record.

With more new music on the way, Return to Dust are thrilled to announce the addition of their newest member, drummer London Hudson. This pivotal milestone not only marks a significant evolution in the band’s lineup, but also solidifies their core and amplifies their musical identity. As the band embark on their next chapter, they look forward to sharing the stage with him at all shows moving forward, including this year’s Welcome To Rockville and Sonic Temple.

Speaking on today’s album announcement, the band shares:

The timeline for our self-titled album goes farther back than people realize. This record is our warmest welcome, because it comes from the most genuine of places, where we didn’t fully understand ourselves, and the world around us was rapidly changing. It’s a cataclysmic mess of emotions, growing pains, youth and maturity, and we’re proud to call it our first. Aptly named, this album is Return to Dust.

Sharing insight on today’s single release, the band continues:

Strangers was written amidst dark times. We were all recovering from family death and losing friends. We felt very alone in a crowded city. We worked grocery store jobs and often times sat in our car late night after a shift wondering when things would get better, and wondering if we were alone in this feeling. The Strangers music video depicts a very normal guy who found himself somewhere he didn’t want to be. His dreams haunt him and he feels he doesn’t belong. He quickly finds himself consumed by his thoughts and spit out as a version of himself completely different than he was.

Expanding on the “Strangers” video, director and animator Callum Scott-Dyson adds:

“For the ‘Strangers’ video, we really wanted to capture the feeling of loneliness, isolation, alienation and the humdrum of daily life, living on the clock with no escape. Then we liked the idea of using his dreams to explore the negative stuff going on in his mind, and then having the dreams invade his daily life. In terms of the animation style, I really wanted to push the DIY stop motion vibe I’ve been honing lately, most the sets are made with card and clay and I made everything myself from scratch. The main note from the band once we were rolling was to keep the tone and visual style a little darker and subdued to most other animation so I enjoyed that challenge, working with a lot of washed out blues and greens. I’m really happy with how it’s come out and I hope people dig it when it drops!”

Earning a phenomenal 2 million TikTok views over the course of a weekend, see HEREReturn to Dust have soared to new heights. The TIkTok featuring the band’s single, “Belly Up” swiftly impacted the band’s trajectory – landing them over 3.1 million streams across DSPs57K Spotify Monthly Listeners, and 5.4 million total TikTok views. As the release of their debut record approaches, Return to Dust have truly cemented their position as a rising force in the industry.

Return to Dust, who are heavily inspired by the legendary Alice In Chains, continue to gain traction and acclaim, solidifying themselves as mavericks in the current rock resurgence. Collaborating alongside renowned producer Jim Kaufman (EverclearDanny WorsnopNight RiotsHelmet) and earning accolades from rock impresario, Allison Hagendorf, the band’s momentum remains unwavering. With their dynamic presence on TikTok, a rapidly growing streaming audience, and a loyal fan base, the band is gearing up for an exciting and promising future.

Stay tuned for what Return to Dust has in store, as they continue to make waves in the music scene and connect with their ever-expanding audience.


Los Angeles based alternative/grunge rock trio Return to Dust (Matty BielawskiGraham StanushSebastian Gonzalez) has already scripted a karmic saga that traverses decades, pays homage to the past, and plants its roots firmly in the future. Listening within their sonic universe is like time-traveling to the halcyon days of the ’90s grunge era. Their sound, influenced by heavyweights of the time, reverberates with the echoes of DeftonesAlice In Chains, and the soul of Nirvana — but, their brilliance doesn’t stop there. The band draws inspiration from a diverse palette, blending in bits from bands like The CureMetallica, and Cage The Elephant, molding them into their own unique musical tapestry. 

Return to Dust breathes life into a sound that feels both genuine and tailor-made to encapsulate the essence of a bygone era, leaving fans awash in nostalgia. Yet, it’s not merely a mimicry of the past; instead, it’s a fusion of the old and the new — an alchemy that conjures a sound distinctly their own. At the core are alluring bass lines (Stanush), gritty guitar riffs (GonzalezBielawski) and dual lead vocals (BielawskiStanush) that harmonize and intertwine, weaving an ethereal soundscape that resonates with raw emotion and unyielding energy. It’s a moody concoction that pays homage to an iconic era while fearlessly exploring uncharted territories. Return to Dust beckons audiences into their world, where the past and present converge, igniting a fervor that keeps the flames of grunge alive. 

Return to Dust found its meteoric rise propelled by a chance encounter with none other than the illustrious producer Jim Kaufman (HelmetEverclearNight Riots). Under Kaufman’s mentorship, the band’s raw talent began to soar. During the darkest days of the pandemic, when the world stood still, Return to Dust seized the opportunity to channel their collective energy into crafting something profound. The result was their debut EP, a mesmerizing creation titled ‘The Black Road.’ It was a labor of love and dedication that not only transcended the barriers of personal growth, but also etched the band’s name into the future of rock.

Return to Dust Album Cover

Track Listing:
Black Road
Belly Up
Anyway I Die
Face Down
No Love
Bad News
About The World
Live Like This
When You Look At Me

Return to Dust
Matty Bielawski – Vocals & Guitar
Graham Stanush – Vocals & Bass
Sebastian Gonzalez – Guitar
London Hudson – Drums

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