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SOULLINE Premieres New Video Single Of Upcoming “Reflections”.

SOULLINE Band Members

Swiss melodic death metal unit, SOULLINE, is currently gearing up for the release of their new studio offering, entitled “Reflections”, due out on May 17, 2024 through Massacre Records. Coming as CD Digipak, Ltd. Vinyl LP and Digital formats.

Following the previously-released, first track “Look At The Stars”, today, SOULLINE have shared a music video for their latest single “Say Goodbye”.

The band comments: “Say Goodbye is not merely a song; it’s a critique wrapped in a melodic but violent embrace, aiming to dissect the fleeting nature of success and the often superficial allure of appearances. Lore envisioned this track as a forceful fusion, aspiring to capture the raw energy of Vader blended seamlessly with the melancholic melodies of Evergrey, and a little bit of Bury Tomorrow, crafting a sound that strikes a balance between ferocity and harmony.

The song emerges as a powerful exhortation to look beyond the ephemeral glitters of success and to question the stability of the pedestals we build for ourselves and others. Through its potent combination of melody and message, the song invites listeners to engage in a deeper exploration of identity, value, and the transient nature of fame in our times.“ 

SOULLINE‘s “Reflections” is as a powerful exploration of environmental issues and our connection to planet Earth. Each track reflects a specific aspect of this often troubled and problematic relationship.

On this album, collaboration and teamwork led to greater complexity in musical structures and arrangements. Clean vocals, interwoven with Gabriele’s signature growl, emphasize the album’s central theme, creating an intense and engaging atmosphere.

This album goes beyond mere musical listening, transforming into a sensory experience. SOULLINE presents a masterpiece that combines music and images to stir deep emotions and stimulate concrete actions. The environmental message, expressed through the power of metal music, makes “Reflections” a work not only of music but also of cultural activism. The goal is to bring “Reflections” to a wide and diverse audience, hoping that the album’s message will find echoes in the minds and hearts of listeners, stimulating greater environmental awareness and positive change.

SOULLINE Album Cover

1. Last Moon
2. Despise Your God
3. Clochard
4. Say Goodbye
5. Look At The Stars
6. Human Corruption
7. Fragile Dreams
8. Before The Dawn
9. I’m So Sorry

Gabriele Gianora – Vocals
Lorenzo Barenco – Guitars, Keyboards
Marco Alberti – Guitars
Rasmus Merker – Bass
Edo Sala – Drums

19.05.2024 CH Neuchâtel – Rock The Lakes Cruise
05.10.2024 CH Gaswerk – Winterthur
12.10.2024 CH Rancate – Roncaglia Festival

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