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REDEMPTION Premier “Seven Minutes From Sunset” Music Video

Redemption band members

Check out the newly unveiled music video for “Seven Minutes From Sunset” from Redemption’s latest album “I Am The Storm,” which is now available via AFM Records. The band’s lineup features this track along with several others on the album. Watch the video below and also consider getting the order the album here.

redemption i am the storm 2023 1588 01


“I Am The Storm”
“Seven Minutes From Sunset”
“Remember The Dawn”
“The Emotional Depiction Of Light”
“Action At A Distance”
“Turn It On Again”
“All This Time (And Not Enough)”
“The Emotional Depiction Of Light (Remix)”
“Red Rain”

Vinyl Bonus Tracks:

“The Pearl Clutchers” (feat. Chris Poland)
“The Far Side Of The Clouds” (feat. Henrik Danhage)

“Seven Minutes From Sunset” video:

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